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Divider and Rounder Mini Rex Multi


30.990,00  excl. VAT

The basic machine is delivered without tool sets (without piston ledges and rounding plates). You need a suitable tool set for the machine to function.


1803 x 1784 x 653mm (height x width x depth)

Electrical output

0,75 kW (3 x 400V + N + PE / 50Hz)

Machine weight


Dough yield

for a dough yield of 148 to 162 (48-62% moisture content), depending on the dough

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The Mini Rex Multi enables automatic dividing and rounding of dough pieces. The compact machine is perfectly suitable for bakeries, catering businesses, delis or hotels for a faster and more weight-accurate production of rolls and buns. It gently divides and rounds dough with a large weight range of 8 to 330g per dough piece.

It can process various doughs for hamburger or hot dog buns, brioche or dinner rolls as well as whole-grain buns. This compact machine can work in 1, 2, 3 or 4 rows.

For higher product variety: Add a seeding unit to the Mini Rex Multi dough divider and rounder.


  • Possible weight range from 8 to 330 g (up to 140 g rounded)
  • capacity per hour at adjusted at 20 strokes/min
    • 4.800 pcs in 4-row operation
    • 3.600 pcs in 3-row operation
    • 2.400 pcs in 2-row operation
    • 1.200 pcs in 1-row operation
  • easy and safe change of the dividing drum ledges for different weight ranges and changes of operating rows
  • gentle processing of doughs, also with chunks (nuts, chocolate, raisins, etc.)
  • hopper with infeed rollers for a dough capacity of ax. 15 kg, with safety light grids
  • easy installation and operation
  • all components in contact with the dough can be removed from the machine for easy cleaning
  • dough weight manually adjustable
  • rounding excentricity manually adjustable
  • synthetic discharge single conveyor belt, liftable – with dough discharge roller
  • entire machine on stainless-steel base frame on wheels
  • power supply: 0.75 kW (3 x 400V + N + PE / 50Hz)
  • machine weight approx. 300 kg
  • including operating manual
  • including operating manual in required language



  • easy control with micro controller and touch panel and setting of rounding speed, rounding pressure, rounding time and flour quantity
  • all mechanical settings can be stored in the program


The pistons for adjusting the machine to your dough piece weight are not included in the scope of delivery. When ordering the machine, you can choose the right pistons for your buns.
The dough is manually filled into the roller hopper.

Optimized dough portions (depending on the single weight of the dough pieces) are conveyed into the dividing area by means of rotating star rollers (dough feeding stars).

The horizontally moving slider presses the dough into the openings of the rotating dividing drum. The excess quantity of dough is conveyed back to the dividing area by a scraper ledge.

After an anti-clockwise rotation by 90°, the rounding of the dough pieces is performed by an oscillating rounding plate. The rounding eccentric can be set depending on the dough consistence and dough weight.

After another 90° rotation, the dough pieces are transferred to the discharge belt.